A friend is one who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden.--Unknown


Lunch:  Nachos, Salad Bar, Mexican corn salad, peaches & milk


Staff On Duty:  Mr. Wagner/Mrs. Martin am

                         Mr. Bolotsky/Mr. Metesh pm


Staff Out Today: Toby Wetsch and Sarah Suthers


Happy Birthday to Patyn Rasor and Lily Golyer who have birthdays this weekend!  Have a great day!!


TODAY:  Thursday, September 12th, the Lady Trojans will travel to Harrison for games beginning at 5:30pm.  Please release all players at 2:15 as their bus will be leaving at 2:30pm.  Good luck players and coaches!!


TOMORROW:  Friday, September 13th, the JHFB team will travel to Charlo for a game at 3pm.   The bus will be leaving at 12pm.   The Titans will also be in Charlo for a game against the Vikings beginning at 7pm.  The bus will be leaving Drummond at 3:30pm..   The JHVB team will play host to the team from Granite beginning at 4:30pm.



COMING UP: Saturday, September 14th, the JHVB team will travel to Twin for games. The Lady Trojans will play host to Lima at 5;30pm. The Cross Country Team will compete in Bozeman at 4pm.Monday, September 16th, the JVFB team will travel to Granite for a game with Charlo at 4:30pm