Dear Drummond Families,

This is a difficult time for everyone but I know that Drummond Schools have absolutely the most professional and caring teachers and staff. You will be hearing from them over the course of today and the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience as we try something we have never tried before- distance and remote learning.

The State Government and Governor Bullock has made contradictory remarks regarding the declaration of school closure. These contradictory remarks, until further clarification and legal decisions are set, require our school district to provide remote/distance instruction and learning during the length of the closure. Teachers and staff will be contacting families and students over the course of the next day to set up remote/distance learning procedures and protocols. By implementing this plan below, the District is less likely to have to make up the days from the closures.

Originally we were told that we "should" not have to make up the days due to the closure and that funding would continue to flow,, but it appears that this is what needs to be clarified by the Governor and OPI. This may take quite some time.

Below is some information regarding what this looks like based on grade level:

Kinder-6th grades

Approximately 2 lessons per core subject per week (ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science)

All learning will be through paper, pencil, textbook, learning experiences. No devices will be required.

Please follow the grade level pick up times for tomorrow listed below. If you cannot come at the allotted time, please make arrangements with your child's teacher to pick up work.

All teachers are on call from 8am-4pm via telephone.

7th-12th grades

Each student should expect 2 assignments per class per week throughout the closure.

A student's access to technology and Wifi is being taken into consideration. Students will have a blend of paper, pencil, textbook, as well as online learning experiences.

Many teachers are shifting towards project based learning. Teachers will be in touch with each student and family and students should check their student emails daily to receive instructions. Again, those students who have limited technology will be accommodated appropriately.

All teachers are on call from 8am-4pm via telephone.

Below are the times for picking up necessary items from lockers and desks, remote work packets and devices. If a student is picking up a district device, they must have a parent or guardian with them to sign out devices.

Families with multiple children may come at one time block if necessary. We will avoid more than 10 people in a classroom at a time. If you cannot come at the allotted time, please contact your child’s teacher or Lisa in the office at 288-3281.

K-1 8-9am

9th grade 8-9am

2rd grade 9-10am

10th grade 9-10am

3rd grade 10-11am

11th grade 10-11am

4th-5th grade 11am-12noon

12th grade 11am-12noon

6th and 7th grade 12noon-1pm

8th grade 1pm-2pm

If your child has an IEP and receives Special Education resources, please know that our excellent special education team will also be in touch to coordinate services. This may take just a little more time as there are even more questions about requirements in this area.

If you should have any questions, please contact your child's teacher first. If you still have questions, please call the office at 288-3281.

Again, thank you for your help in getting the word out. Thank you for your patience as we are all in this together and have your child's best interests at heart. Stay healthy and safe.

Mrs. B