“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”—Albert Einstein


Lunch:  Chili, corn bread, lettuce, fresh fruit, & milk


Staff out Today:  Toby Wetsch ˝ day am, Anderson, R. Ostler, A. Ostler, & Popken


Happy Birthday to Taylee Johnson!  Have a great day!!


TODAY:  Thursday, April 19th, the Lady Trojans will travel to Deer Lodge for games at 4/6pm.  Mid-term quarter four.  GRADES ARE DUE TO THE OFFICE BY 3PM.


COMING UP:    Saturday, April 21st, the Trojan track team will travel to Missoula Big Sky .  The Lady Trojans Softball team will play host to the Lady Copperheads from Anaconda with games at 1/3pm.