School Board Agenda

Drummond Public Schools

June 11, 2018


6:00 PM Regularly Scheduled Meeting


School Board Agenda

Drummond Public Schools



I.        Call to Order

II.      Pledge of Allegiance

III.   Recognition or Individuals, Delegations, and Correspondence

IV.    Public Comment

V.      Consent Agenda

a.       Claims

b.       Minutes

c.        Letter of Resignation

VI.    Out of District Agreements (Closed Session)

VII. Accept Trustee Resignation and Declare position vacant

VIII.           Parke appeal of administrative decision (Closed Session)

IX.    Business

a.       Old Business:

                                                               i.      Construction Update

                                                              ii.      Approve Picture Company for School Pictures

                                                            iii.      Trophy Committee Update

                                                            iv.      Hire JH Coaches

1.       JH Volleyball

a.       Spencer and Angelo

                                                             v.      Hire HS Coaches

1.       Volleyball

a.       Head Bradshaw

b.       Assistant Graham

b.       New Business:

                                                               i.      Interview and Hire Athletic Director

                                                              ii.      Blackfoot Phone proposal

                                                            iii.      Water testing stipend

                                                            iv.      Reduce Graduation Requirement Computer Lit

                                                             v.      Stipend for District Special Education

                                                            vi.      Open Full Time Custodial/Maintenance/Dishwasher Position

X.      Reports

a.       Administrative Reports

                                                               i.      Principal

                                                              ii.      Athletic Director

                                                            iii.      Clerk

                                                            iv.      Superintendent

XI.    Future Agenda Items

XII. Adjournment