.        Training Rules

The following are the training rules, which will apply to student/athletes while competing for Drummond High School.  These rules are designed to aid and assist you in your endeavor to become the best possible individual, both athletically and socially.  These rules and regulations were drawn up with the consultation of students, community members, coaches, administration, and school board.


Extra and Co-curricular Chemical Use Policy

Students participating in extra and co-curricular activities, whether sponsored by the MHSA or not, shall not use, have in possession, sell, or distribute alcohol, tobacco, or illegal & illicit drugs or abuse prescription or non-prescription drugs during their extra-curricular seasons.  Extracurricular and co-curricular activities covered by this policy include, but are not limited to, all sports activities, Pep Club and Cheerleading.  If a student has any questions as to whether a school district activity is covered by this policy, he or she has the responsibility to ask the principal whether the activity is covered by the policy. These rules are in effect twenty-four (24) hours a day.  If a student receives an MIP or is seen using tobacco, alcohol or illicit drugs, the student will forfeit the privilege of participating in accordance with the activities and student handbooks.



Drummond students/athletes are representing Drummond Public Schools.  Fighting or stealing will not be tolerated and may constitute forfeiture of participating in future athletic school events.  They will be subject to the same disciplinary actions regarding training rules.



The policy applies to middle and high school students who are involved in the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities program.



This policy is in effect each school year, from the date of the first practice for fall activities until the last day of school or activities, whichever is later.  Violations are cumulative for each sports season, through the student’s period of attendance in grades 5-8 and in grades 9-12.  The Administration shall publish the participation rules annually in the activities and student handbooks.



The use of or possession of illegal drugs and alcohol is prohibited and will be dealt with as follows:

a.    For the duration of a season or activity in which a student/athlete is participating, that student shall not use or have in his/her possession illegal alcohol or other drugs.

b.    A student shall not knowingly be in attendance at any gathering, beer bust, event or party where “illegal” drugs or alcohol are in possession or are being used.



1.   Students who have not had previous violations will miss the following:

a.   Basketball  (4 game days)                                  b.   Volleyball (4 game days)

c.   Football  (2 game days)                                       d.   Track  (2 meet days)

e.   Cheerleading (2 games fall) (4 games winter)      f.    Cross Country (1 meet)

g.   Wrestling (2 meet days)                                     h.    Softball (2 game days)                                                    


The students involved will be required to attend all practices and will sit with the team at the games, but will be unable to participate.  The student must take educational classes (3 hours) dealing with substance abuse either through the school program or an acceptable program provided outside of the school system in order to be eligible to participate in any future sports/activities during that season.  The student will be responsible for all costs if this service is provided outside the school. Upon fulfilling these requirements, students will be able to        participate in their sports activity.                                                                                                  



1.                   Upon any further violation, the student will be suspended for the duration of that activity.

2.                   The student will be required to attend MIP substance abuse classes at their own expense.

3.                   If a determination is made that a student has violated this policy, the student and parent/guardian shall be notified of the violation by telephone when possible, and by mail.  Also, at this time, the student and parent or guardian shall be notified of the type of discipline that will be administered or recommended to the Board.  Any parent or legal guardian and student who are aggrieved by the imposition of any action (other than a recommendation for exclusion from an activity) shall have the right to an informal conference with the principal, for the purpose of resolving the grievance.  At such a conference, the student and the parent shall be subject to questioning by the principal, and shall be entitled to question staff involved in the matter being grieved.


If the discipline involves a high school student and the recommended discipline is exclusion from participating in extra- and/or co-curricular activities for a period in excess of ten (10) days, the parent/guardian and student will be notified of the date and time the Board will consider the recommendation.  Only the Board can exclude a high school student from participation in extra- and/or co-curricular activities.


D.        Academic Eligibility Requirements

All student/athletes have a primary responsibility to maintain good scholastic standards.  MHSA By-Laws will govern student academic eligibility except in the following situations:


The minimum grade point average (GPA) is 2.0. If a student’s grades fall below a 2.0 he/she shall be deemed ineligible. Eligibility is based on quarter grades.  Students with a GPA below 2.0 may become eligible at the mid-term (4 ˝ weeks). 


A student’s eligibility or ineligibility begins on the Monday morning following the week in which the quarter (1st & 3rd) or the semester (1st & 2nd) ends.  If grades are not posted until after the Monday following the week in which the quarter or semester ends; then, the student’s eligibility or ineligibility will be retroactive to the Monday of the week following the end of the quarter or semester. In other words, the athlete may practice the entire week but still be ineligible for the weekend games.


Grade school athletes must also maintain a 2.0 GPA based on their quarter grades.  If a student is ineligible they may become eligible after 2 ˝ weeks if their GPA is above 2.0. 


E.        Informed Consent to Parents and Students

The parent and the student/athlete acknowledge that even with the best coaching, the use of the most advanced protective equipment and uniforms, and strict observances of the rules of the sport, injuries are still a possibility.  And, on rare occasions, these injuries can be so severe as to result in total disability, paralysis or even loss of life.  Parents and student athletes acknowledge by their signature that they have read and understand this warning.

F.         Sex Equity in Athletics

1.       All services, benefits and privileges relating to athletics and extra curricular activities, including equipment, uniforms, supplies, medical care, insurance, transportation, per diem, over-night trips, school release time, laundry, and assignment of coaching and game officials, are provided on an equitable gender-free basis to both males and females without regard to race, national origin, sex, or disability.

2.       Opportunities for competition in athletics, including the number and types of sports offered, the length, placement and continuity of seasons, and opportunities for tournament play, are the same for both females and males.

3.       Team support for extra curricular athletics, including pep assemblies, school announcements, rosters, programs, pep band, cheerleaders, and drill team, are the same for males and females for both the regular season and post season.

4.       Publicity and awards for interscholastic activities are the same for males and females without regard to race, national origin, sex, or disability.

5.       Participation eligibility, scheduling of interscholastic activities and practice times are the same for both males and females, without regard to race, national origin, sex, or disability.

6.       Selection of coaching staff, program funding, including extra pay for coaches, is provided without regard to race, national origin, sex, or disability, and shall provide equitable opportunities to both males and females in all regards.

7.       Teams involved in “post-season tournaments” shall return from the tournament when eliminated unless distance to and from the tournament site requires the team to stay overnight. Players and coaches may choose to return early, if eliminated, by majority decision of those involved.


G.        Grievance Procedure - Title IX Policy

1.  Any complaint must be presented in writing to the Title IX Coordinator/Sex Equality Official.

2.  The complaint must include specific information on which the complaint is based and must be signed and dated in order for a reply to be made.

3.  The Title IX Coordinator/Sex Equality Official will then act accordingly based upon the complaint.

4.  A file containing pertinent information will be established for any documentation pertaining to each complaint.

5.  Appeals on decisions may be made to the Superintendent of Schools and subsequently to the Board of Trustees.

6.  A copy of the Title IX policy and grievance procedures may be obtained from the high school office.





I ______________________________(Parent/Guardian) have read the above rules, regulations, and warnings concerning athletic participation and give my permission for my (son/daughter) __________________________________ to participate in the sport of



CROSS COUNTRY – WRESTLING – SOFTBALL       (circle all sports that apply).


_______________________________                      _______________

    Signature of Parent/Guardian                                     Date


_______________________(student athlete) has read the training rules, regulations, and warnings and agrees to abide by the rules and regulations as established.


______________________________                        _______________

    Signature of Student Athlete                                       Date